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Updates and News Galore!

Huzzah! Happy New Year!

We wanted to catch everyone up with the current state of Turbolance development, how we got here, and what’s next. Below are most but...

Turbo Tuesday 31!

Shout-out to Validation Comic for including two cameos of Doctor from #Turbolance! Check out the artist @beranek! Twitter Post:...

Turbo Tuesday 30!

Here are all 5 arenas we're including for the full release of Turbolance! Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 29!

Kestrel's Character Icon! Soon to be placed among the other jousters! Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 28!

While we prep Kestrel for release, here's a lineup of our current jousters. We've learned a lot along the way, and we love bringing these...

Turbo Tuesday 27!

Today we reveal our newest jouster is named Kestrel! She is a daredevil falconer who enjoys flying as high as her feathered companion....

Turbo Tuesday 26!

The newest intro in action! Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 25!

A quick look at our new jouster's intro! Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 24!

The falcon flies in color! Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 23!

A quick look at our newest jouster playing with her falcon. Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 22!

Our newest jouster is a few steps closer to being ready! Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 21!

Here's all of the shows that we've been honored to be a part of. We'd be happy to take suggestions for more shows as well! Twitter Post:...

Turbo Tuesday 20!

#MAGFest2019 was terrific! We are astonished that over 500 people visited our #Turbolance booth at #MIVS! We greatly appreciate everyone...

Turbo Tuesday 19!

Turbo Tuesday 19! Happy New Year! Here are some highlights from 2018: - Debuted at GMU Senior Game Expo - E3 College Game Competition...

Get ready for MAGFest!

The MIVS Map has been revealed, so come on down to Booth 7 to try out Turbolance! Jousting on motorcycles for 2-4 players! Be sure to...

Turbo Tuesday 18!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We hope you're enjoying today just as much as Doctor and Jester are! Twitter Post:...

Turbo Tuesday 17!

Our newest jouster is preparing for action! Twitter Post:

Turbo Tuesday 16!

We received feedback requesting for the Match Urgency timer to be more lively and noticeable. Good luck dodging the falling flaming...

Turbo Tuesday 15!

Turbo Tuesday 15! Introducing our third game mode for #Turbolance, Spotlight! Stay in the zone to become king of the hill! Twitter Post:...

Turbo Tuesday 14!

Look out below! Twitter Post:

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